Kylie offers personal psychic mediumship readings to connect people to their loved ones, Spirit guides, higher entities. Readings can be conducted over phone or via email. Kylie can meet in person, with an additional fee. For information on how I conduct readings, please visit the Blog page. Readings begin at $45 for 30 minutes.

Kylie can also perform group/party readings at your home. Please contact Kylie for more information and a price breakdown.



As a mother of two young children, Kylie connects easily to Children's energy to help assist with their spiritual development. Kylie clients often face situations where their child is having unexplained nightmares, or is saying they "see" people. Kylie can assist the family in how to handle such events. Young Children Spiritual Guidance begins at $20 for 15 minutes.


Do you have life events that can't be explained, or are you drawn to certain places, events or people? Past life regression can help discover insights into these unexplained questions. Through hypnosis, you can directly connect to your guides and have the answers delivered to you directly. $150 per hour.


Kylie and her associate can come to your home or business to help bless, clear energy and spirits to create a more harmonious and positive environment. This two person team is incredibly powerful, and the ceremony can be adapted to the individual's faith. $175 for a session on small family home, plus mileage. Prices vary for different properties. *.

* please notify us of zip code before booking a session.


Kylie also connects to pet's energies and can help open the lines of communication. Kylie can sense pains or emotional issues surrounding you beloved pet!

* please send Kylie a photo of your pet for a reading.

$30 for 15 minutes.

Animal Communication


As an artist, Kylie can also use Automatic drawing to create visions from the other side. As a direct channel to higher energies, Kylie often channels Pleidian energy (otherwise known as E.T.), and is guided to create healing amulets and grids to assist with intuition based healing. These items can be found under the Shop tab.

Automatic Drawing


Kylie and her associate can come to your home, and facilitate a spirit circle for your friends and family. This allows you to explore your psychic ability in your own, comfortable environment with people you know. Spirits circles begin with a meditation, and then spirits then provides messages to each member in the group through attendees. Kylie and her associate will guide the circle and provide messages to each member. Prices start at $20 each person, with a minimum of 5 people.*

* please notify us of zip code and number of people before booking a session.

Spirit Circle


Kylie has lived many past lifetimes, practicing pagan activities (or witchcraft) and has created potion sprays using 100% organic and certified essential oils. Please visit the Shop tab to find out more information.

Please note, all readings can be done via Skype, email or phone. If the reading is at a physical location, please discuss with Kylie before booking.